Volume Three, Issue 2

Superstitious or Religious

Kenia Burke

Hold your breath when riding by cemeteries
Pray for protection when your left eye twitches
Play the lottery when your right palm itches.
Gambling isn’t necessarily a sin, remember Jesus forgives
Throw salt over your shoulder, drink a cap full of anointing oil to cleanse internal organs that may be soiled due to sin
If he doesn’t answer just pray again
Grab your sage and crack the front door so all the bad juju can escape the dark corners of your home
Garlic cloves around the neck if you’re too superstitious for religious rituals
No one is too old for hocus pocus
Look in the mirror put out the lights run the water,
bloody mary
bloody mary
Don’t step on the crack
Break the mirror for seven years your luck is bad like the turbulence before a plane crash
When you exit a room for the last time never look back
We’re all just trying to buy time superstition is the only guide to survival.
That or the bible.

Kenia Burke: "Being raised by a single Mother of one and a religious old fashioned Grandmother of six, gave me my unique perspective on organized religion, alcoholism, feminism, and sex. Exposed at an early age to the many vices of a close knit family, writing became my only escape from a sometimes too harsh reality. I write to cleanse my soul, inspire those in similar circumstances, and to guide my daughter through the many obstacles she will face growing up as a Black woman in today's world."

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