Volume Three, Issue 2

Jiwon Choi

Japanese Tourist Gets Shot

Her English was not so good
his face got red
he had a gun
there are so many guns in New York
is a great city.

Was she here on business?
No, she came to see the Big Apple
with her husband

his wife is shot in the head
a witness describes the shooter as a “local kid”

the police are looking for a black driver:

he was headed to the Bronx at 11:07pm
had some engine trouble and stopped into a garage.
Am I being arrested?

In a line up of undecided black men:
Sorry, I can’t be sure.

The ultimate buyer’s remorse:
tourists get shot around here
like it’s duck season.

You Had Me at Indigestion

In my dream about oyako don
and sunigamo on a stick (call it chicken gizzard
like the Japanese do)
my lovely egg over rice becomes entrails
in the sand

where did all the eyeballs come from?

But you won’t find any chicken feet
in this dream of a Japanese skewer meat menu.
How is it that extremities are too extreme
but innards are okay?

What did they do with all those ears
from Nanking anyway?

Be a Drunk a Bitch

churn all the insides
until you’ve made cream
butter your thighs
like fried chicken
burn the corn bread just
enough so you’ve got black
bits and corners
love is not for your kind
who said it would be for you?

Jiwon Choi: "I am a poet, teacher and urban gardener. I teach preschool at the Educational Alliance, a multi-generation non-profit located on the Lower East Side of NYC. I am also a long-time urban gardener and membership coordinator for the Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden located near Downtown Brooklyn.

One Daughter is Worth Ten Sons, published by Hanging Loose Press in 2017, is my first book of poetry. I live in Brooklyn, New York."

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