Volume Three, Issue 2

Palpitations of Dust

Ann Huang

Ann Huang: "I am an author, poet, and filmmaker based in Newport Beach, Southern California. I was born in Mainland, China and raised in Mexico and the U.S. World literature and theatrical performances became dominating forces during my linguistic training at various educational institutions. I possess a unique global perspective of the past, present, and future of Latin America, the United States, and China. I am an MFA candidate from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and have authored one chapbook and three poetry collections. My surrealist poem “Night Lullaby,” was a Ruth Stone Poetry Prize finalist. "Crustacea," another of my surrealist poems, was nominated Best of the Net in Priestess & Hierophant. In addition, my book-length poetry collection, Saffron Splash, was a finalist in the CSU Poetry Center's Open Book Poetry Competition. My newest poetry collection, A Shaft of Light, is set to come out in 2019."

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