Volume Two, Issue 2

Broken Promises

José Enrique Medina

Carlos, cut in half,
dragging guts, snagged
around the heads of tacks.

Carlos, walking on elbows,
soldier on an obstacle course,
head ducked under barbed wire.

Carlos, mopping the floor
with a purple octopus.

Carlos, leaning in a corner,
drinking beer, entrails bursting
from his hole like orange slices
from the Thanksgiving turkey.

Carlos, drinking coffee,
moments later the coffee zig
-zagging on the floor looking for me.

Carlos, little brother I promised
to protect, opening cabinets
under hand sinks, searching for food.

Carlos, crawling through shit,
sniffing for recyclables,
I hide in my upstairs bedroom.

Carlos, learning how to climb
stairs using only arms.

José Enrique Medina: "I earned my BA in English from Cornell University. I write poems, short stories and novels. When I am not writing, I enjoy playing with my baby chicks, bunnies and piglets on my farm in Whittier, California."

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