Volume Two, Issue 2

John Brown

Jiwon Choi

Out of God’s pocket
crashing on to earth
like a rocket
a scruffy Superman
with a compunction
for literal readings
of the First Book

where was it written men
should deal
in human bondage?

to save us all was
not his intention
but the craven he
would not abide
so he made the sea red
with their blood.

Jiwon Choi: "I am a poet, teacher and urban gardener. I teach preschool at the Educational Alliance, a multi-generation non-profit located on the Lower East Side of NYC. I am also a long-time urban gardener and membership coordinator for the Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden located near Downtown Brooklyn.

"One Daughter is Worth Ten Sons, published by Hanging Loose Press, is my first book of poetry. I live in Brooklyn, NY."

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