Volume Two, Issue 2

Love Birds


Tonight would be the night. The carefully cultivated bond, nurtured in devoted caretaking, would soon blossom into an ultimate togetherness.

Each revered the other as something good in life. Something good in the world.

Intimacy, though not in contemporary fashion, was their deliberate style. Or so they displayed in their proud baring of innocence and honesty. Elaborate courtship bearing hearts and flowers was nuanced with poetry of devotion and a streaming minutiae of adornments of adoration.

Their exchange of softness was timidly calculating, as also it was a surging warrior, seductively staking claim. Flirtatious forwardness intently parlayed in ceremonial and expectant order of sure invasion. In merging, they valiantly sparred, entertaining a clashing of wits while clearheadedly maintaining the underlying impression of sharing the best of one another. With an ever-heightening joyful energy, self-awareness ascended, -a lift of lightness.

The two were exuberant in being one of something greater, and better than oneself alone.

Impromptu utterances that sometimes conjoined their words in precise unison revealed a familiarity of kindred souls. Exclamations of personal jinx were agape confirmations of deep rooted spiritual ties. Laughter and love abounded. Soaring feelings of boundlessness were abruptly leveled by imposed controls of utter restraint. Desire mounted pledge, inspiring tingly nostalgia reminiscent of pubescent rebellion and its compulsive seeking. A hormonal concoction imbued chaos into swelling glands. Succulent nectar could ooze, harden, become amber. Maple Trees. Sap. It flowed so.

Desire tickled until it throbbed and the agitating pull was buoyed by their link. Tuned into each other, they fed to feast and shared to consume, hungrily honoring the offering. An echo of meaningful yet impulsive words or comments would be returned, giftwrapped with thoughtful understanding, introspect- validation. A kind word at the best possible moment was a gift immeasurable. They liked one another. Genuinely. And giddy, they loved to be loved.

Sharing was the greatest of their connection. Spendthrift travelers bartering lavishly upon the other, receiving and giving bore no risk of refusal. Thus, their bond was furthered upon such footing.

The time and place they shared was every moment. All could not be contained, nor experienced, without more of now, infinitely extending. And so, the future, with its time, space and opportunity, ever more, to continue, extend, show and tell, was the beginning that always stood before them. And ahead. The now became a mere sigh. Now soon expired. Its remaining debris, an exhalation of deadly carbon gas of a moment passed, was a fleeting experience to be memorialized. The after intake of breath caught and hinged on suspense of time ahead, fertile to be planted with the work product of being. The future, stably, was anchored by the now and infused with promise, purpose, and anticipation. Together they dreamed.

Soon now.

A posting proclaims the pending arrival. Reposted with comment. Liked. Text messages follow and will naturally lead to the call.

A voice is heard. Always different than imagined, but wonderful, with words.

So very soon, now. Barely a moment to spare, until…

Tweet it!

Closer than ever.


Of Course.

The electronic liaison, again, successfully engages and facilitates on behalf of biological proxies. Realtime video reveals scenery indicating that time and space is shared in the now.


At last. They would meet.

And make eye contact.

H.D.H: "My name is Hollye Holmes. I am a hip hop artist, writer and performer known as Imiuswi Aborigine. A Los Angeles native with Texas roots, my son was born in Mexico. I am a freedom fighter, healer, adventurer and entrepreneur. I am woman, I am many things."

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