Volume Two, Issue 2

from This is How My Speaking Moves

Felino A. Soriano

Why I Listen

Hearing strings, hearing my
   father breathe,
 overhearing my mother
                           weep.  With death
cylinder opens into reveal,
 a scent, a regret, a memory
of when shadow
  -t gray, but a halo
hung on the neck, an exterior holy voice
       attempting leap backward or
   parallel to what home in the body
               recall when time assists me,
  forgets transgressional

When listening, I wander,
   wondering, I awaken
 amid a cold night broken
       by humid hands,
hearing deep syllables within
  the weeping of my mother’s
unimpeded mourning

On the Plane

     Sound, back within me.  Spiritual
   played in the ear
                     on the plane
        needing me to hear
   concisely.  To what my grandmothers
          spoke into me
  after their death surprised my eyes
    into permanent opening.
Gradation is the physical crawl of
 mathematics.  In listening, the lyric
     each syllable runs north finding
   acclimation to colder confirmation.  I
 undo what is causing my death and
        fear isn’t a wholeness but instead
       what weakens as with warmth
     amid noon’s hours-long jailing

Arranged Visitation

   Rushed in to… nothing—
 fooled myself in the
        language of becoming
   someone new, something
  hands, genetic stone.  I cannot.

            I search for serenades,
Mariachi or the swell of the trumpet’s
     human voice in bebop sway, ballads’
  unaltered ways to hear my
                                  elation.  Said
  of silences my grandfather
    brave in knowing how his name
            outlines my own by
      my father’s younger hands, an
pianoing of a softer reenactment

Felino A. Soriano: "I was awarded the 2017 erbacce-prize for poetry. My writings appear in CHURN, BlazeVOX, 3:AM Magazine, The National Poetry Review, Small Po[r]tions, and elsewhere. My books of poetry include A Searching for Full Body Syllables: fragmented olio (2017), Aging within these syllables (2017), Acclimated Recollections (2017), and Vocal Apparitions: New & Selected Poems: 2012 – 2016 (2016). "

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