Volume Two, Issue 2

Draw me a Veve
                                                                       Fe yon Veve pou mwen

Darryl Wawa

comes from the Nahuati word
bitter water

travel across to MERICA

                            wh re Quetzalcoatl G d of w sdom w s cast aw y  for sh ring choco
with h mans

                                                      the h art
                                                                               1900 BCE to th  16th cent ry—
Aug 15t  1502
                                           coco  curr ncy  from  merica to  urope, then c me Afrik

Pope l xandr VII

Fr nce 1732
                                 no m re nativ s, bla k lab r

                                 f st f rward------------->

chocolate  white chocolate dark
Black is more like
soot or charcoal
this funny line
we drew in geography
class, maps in color
pencils. It was a French
high school. There
was always something missing
those days, my hair wasn't straight enough
my skin
not light enough, not good enough
for this or that. If only I was lighter. Funny
lighter, as in light
like sunlight. Funny
how we describe skin tones
How I tried
to look like those kids
who were lighter. Silly
me. Clearing my lungs
from the cigarette smoke
revealing the gray clouds up
the hill above the slums. Could there be
a fire behind them?

This view is
like sticky caramel
fingers to my eyes
Every day something new up there
a clothing line, a new color
from an unnoticed shack. I know
that all the inhabitants are black
It's strange here
how you talk to someone
according to his status which
most often is his skin
color. I fell in love again with chocolate
Kisses during new year's eve
drinking sparkling
wine with my mom. It was always her
thing. She had always wanted to be fancy
which translated into me—
the project
She passes some of the butter
cookies I never liked. So soft and bland
not like a Twix
bar, cookie
in the center, caramel then of course milk
Crunch! I miss that, crave that. The chocolate
Kisses melt in my mouth
with the after taste of cold
white wine. Ah. What will the new year bring
More chocolate
Kisses? My first was drunk
my second out of vengeance
my third out of lust and horniness
Here's a little secret:
I've only dated white women, but no blondes
their hair the color of chocolate beer
and no pun in saying they liked chocolate

As a boy
I watched the little mermaid with my mother
and wondered if Prince Eric was
black or tan. Or maybe he was
Spanish; they were the first
westerners to have a word for chocolate  choco
in one word

Here's another:
Lindt milk chocolate truffles are my favorite
And another:
I had once sniffed     powdered     cocoa
and got high

Some mornings I drink hot chocolate
and it turns to a purple
brown in the almond
mix. I think
it's cultivated in the mountains here
almost looks like you're drinking

Red and Green

(Think red like
the mountain earth
and green like the wild trees
and plants growing on the hillside)

I'm superstious
don't tell anyone
Keep it a

It makes me shake
like my soul is
like all the roads

I lay there
watching her wash
listening to the water
off her

                   if six was nine

the scent
                  the smell
of a whore
like the red earth
body odor
and cheap perfume

the mystery
of the red eyes  je wouj
and green shawl

I find comfort
in a mother's
because it's the limit
I'm looking for
sipping this
glass of rhum

If only
could swallow me
like this
up in the mountain
that smothers

AYITI means
mountainous island
up and down
and hills
and cracks and molds
of earth
like a naked woman

She'll make you lucky
                      they say
loto shacks everywhere
poor people gambling on

Yes, if
was nine
and red was green.

Keys in Blue

Saturday night
feeling like the man
I forgot my keys
                             he'll have to open the door
                      my father

The love I felt
with these four

I have always been too sensitive
for fathers
legs too long or too low
          I am inadequate

"don't worry
you have family"
my auntie says
she has a way with me
like water
Yes! like water
Not like the clear
I never loved

to the Miami shore
I had seen Blue Jays
and crossed the MacArthur
the Blues' I am always
Led Zeppelin's
"The Ocean"
in my dreams

But I am here
in Haiti
back in this social
latter              mountain
I had traded for another
inspired by LSD
movies, pictures
and English

I saw colors then
and I see them now
black and white
and purple
and red and green
and yellow and orange
and blue

In Vodou
the serpent shows you the rainbow
that arc in the sky
that testifies
that God is
that color

Like "Blue in Green"
from "Kind of Blue"
this sadness kills me

the drugs did what they did
opened                    doors
I wish
had stayed                   open.

Darryl Wawa: "I am a a Port-au-Prince born Haitian-American who studied Photography and Creative writing. I enjoy chocolate and good books. That said, maybe a movie is a good book. I love to work with images and words and their pairing."

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