Volume Two, Issue 2

Alpha Wave

Cristina DeSouza

The cold night awakens
memories of a simple life

Resting in bed, I see
myself as a girl:
school uniform,
naivety in black skirt.

Eyes open, I dream of a past
of seashells with the sound of the ocean
within, while salt covers my lips.
I see images and hear sounds
of blue waters on the bow of a white sailboat,
a speechless mirage
of hope I carry inside.

My thoughts of being unique and plenty
vanish through the back door,
and fall to the open road,
shallow ditch of longing,
diluted memories of youth
drowning in a swell of eyes without faces.

I smell the hot ashes
that I touch with bare fingers.

Red maze of
my delirium,
rough flame burning my hands
in the sand of the desert
where I used to live:

Images of yesterday bringing
only the certainty of solitude.

Cristina DeSouza: "I am a poet and physician and write in both English and Portuguese. I have had several poems published in the US (The Voices' Project, Poetry Pacific, Sheila-Na-Gig, Synesthesia Literary Journal, San Diego Poetry Annual to cite a few) and in Brazil. In 2011 I saw my first book of poetry published in Brazil, Uns Poucos Versos."

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