Volume Two, Issue 2

Amy Bryan

Interviewed by Rosalyn Spencer

Rosalyn Spencer: How long have you been pursuing a career in the art field?

Amy Bryan: I’ve enjoyed doing art since I was a child and I’ve been pursuing a career in art since college.

RS: How would you describe your aesthetic for art? What is your method in choosing your different mediums to create your mixed media pieces?

AB: I am interested most in using paper, fabric, pencils and ink. I try different materials out of enjoyment. Then I evaluate if I could improve or refine my choice.

RS: How are your views on the political and social landscape reflected in your work? Which work do you believe highlights this juxtaposition the most?

AB: My work reflect views on the social landscape of myself as a Black Woman, especially because I do portraits of Black Women often. I usually don’t do political art.

RS: What defining moments helped shaped your outlook on your aesthetic for art?

AB: When I was in high school in the 90s, I became inspired by the Treme area of New Orleans, where I felt a spiritual presence. I also admired the beauty of the neighborhood. I was also inspired by a 2009 trip to Ghana. I was especially fascinated with the fashion of the women and the way it reflected the culture.

RS: What are some of your major influences that helped shaped your artwork?

AB: Many of my influences started in high school, probably because I attended a specialized art program. I went to NOCCA half a day from 9th to 11th grade. I also enjoyed my middle school art classes in the program called Talented Art. I was influenced by Aaron Douglas and John Biggers in high school. I found them in a book in my high school library at Eleanor McMain.

RS: Can you tell us about the trajectory of your career and your vision for the near future?

AB: I plan to continue to practice art and consistently become a better artist. I would like to attend more art residencies.

RS: What are some of your experiences in the world of art as a woman of color that has led to your perspective of the art scene?

AB: I have learned to not be limited to the city I live in for opportunities and to use the internet as a tool to reach out to a broader audience.

RS: What do you want most for those who see your work to understand about your work?

AB: I want to learn from them what they see in it. I hope others will appreciate my unique vision.

Amy Bryan​New Orleans, LA based artist Amy Bryan has an interest in memories, history, culture, and place. She’s interested in collaging images, the use of multiples, and materials such as paper and fabric. She’s created series inspired by the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, the country of Ghana, and portraits of influential people. Sometimes she is a spectator and other times her work is personal. She creates drawings, prints, assemblages, and paintings.

She has a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Howard University and a Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University of Louisiana. She has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally and her work is in public and private collections.

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