Volume Two, Issue 1

Tanya Brown


I have lived in the gaps
Between pebblestone chunks
of words, clasped to my chest
Sunken with unspoken gold.
I have not yet had my time.

I thrive in the underbellies
of sweating earth,
tears canvassing my flower burst veins
Waiting to grow when the sun is ripe
I have not yet had my time


Ranco, mon coor amor
Ranshone, sein miss fam
mon coor amor,
Vrdakavar, flitzein!
Zrakagau, chindua,
Locth donn seime reekshplat.

Renda, mon coor amor,
Splitterfahta, kleingharta,
Roch splankdee, hén di mai,
Canna moorahsay.
Denna fahsa
Moor haaaaaakensa,
Chika chaka sloom!
Slepcht sling doh choe,
mon coor amor,
Tieo mon viele, cannakaza,
mon coor amor.


You shift yourself into
My shed of butterfly skin,
Rippling ruffled from an
Unaccustomed touch,
Hurried run the married waves,
Shooting pus and
Glimmering blisters
Surfing the wound,
A ground for you
To burry yourself in.
Red is red, but white is whiter
Jarring pale skin
Against toasted flesh,
Tombing scars among the fresh;
Little gasps of pain
Throttling muscles,
Whinging to wine your taunt body
Softly out of silk -
Pain succumbed to pleasure
Upon returning to minted air,
Only then could I
Milk meaning from
What heaviness went before.

The splinter
We spend lifetimes taking out ~


They came, from sod-lipped soil and ghost-knit caves,
Bearing the roses of armour and chain,
Pummelling powder from ligament slaves
Coresetted to the floor, my dead locked shrine. Rain,
Dust-white, nothingness bound like fleeting swans
With cries of snapping guns, swords tearing flesh
From the core of stone, my prison. They’ve won,
Clouds of wrath rage over the land, a mesh
Of silken bodies and my granite bones.
Wait. A new shape starts to arise from the
Clash of scarred fog. A sculpture, head high, tones
Of blushing peach spilling thriving limbs. A

Cry and retreat from what they made bolder -
I’m Venus, arising from her boulder.

Tanya Brown: "I was born in Beijing and primarily raised in London and Kent. I currently resides in Canterbury. Born to a Mongolian mother and an Israeli-English father, I have grown in the tides of two cultures, and use their bilingual mind to navigate life, art, and, most of all, writing. I study at Simon Langton Grammar school and am currently studying in preparation for university."

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