Volume Two, Issue 1

Momina Khan

the epitome of a Canadian quilt

sunset shivering / a mortal winter that cannot die // white snow everywhere / I freeze // basting the epitome of the Canadian quilt / humanity fabric // separated pieces destined to be tied / asymmetrical and colorful embroider // fragmented identity / folding at the seam allowance // iced-stone-cold-world / this land is my cotton down // a quilt is a way / we survive on patches // found pieces and gangly fibers / assembling to keep ourselves warm // till the sun comes out / leave me to bask in this laundered paradise

Daylight Nightmare
January 7 – 2015

once the shooting at Charlie Hebdo / for the love of free speech / we heard cries of 'god is great' through the gun-smoke, a repeated mantra / killing before you die / bursting and bleeding / chaos seizes the eyes / two masked gunmen brothers in black and armor / cradling Kalashnikov assault rifles/ I looked for blindness in vision / my obsessive heart beating in my ears / a caricature / forbidden fruit from the barren garden / vengeance and division / made lines fly into headlines / then twenty-first-century-problem-solvers / vengeance and division / utopia? paradise? / caricatures bleed the ink of blood / warm blood feels like a warm hug / red rivers of ink dance from pulp to earth / witnessing, making, rearing, ground realities / over / above / beside / beneath/ everywhere /Parisienne satire to massacre / a caricature / in nomine / free speech vs mocking what cannot be mocked? / then why is worshipping God becoming God? / sleep walking into segregation / overlooked paradigm of harm and offence / hand-drawn caricature and hand-held Kalashnikov revealed deep divides.

Momina Khan: "I am currently completing my PhD at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. Through poetry I find my truest expression of soul, self, and thought. Penning every poem renews my commitment to one of the many ways to live a dignified coexistence by weaving together reciprocal relationships beyond the classification of human race and religion. My work has appeared in the University of Saskatchewan’s In Media Res journal and Education Matters, journal of teaching and learning and is forthcoming in Arts/Research International Journal."

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