Volume Two, Issue 1

Women of the Styx

Maxwell A. Kamlongera

They march and course like Spartans to war,
and in fleets of a thousand
their voices boom and thunder from bank to bank.

Drapes of purple, green and white
embellish the armada; and placards, banners and streamers
declare their cause.

The din and clatter of paraphernalia
chime and clangor across the line, summoning
viewers to rooftops and windows to leer at the surge.

Like spellbound muggles, the gathered masses
play part to the composition
but ovation is a sentiment far from mind:

Wicked. Senile. Antiestablishmentarians.
Buzz words, labels and blots peppered against the froth;
spurred on by hardened hearts and wary farers.

Like any cause, the ensemble has its detractors, but
the platoon goes marching on;
waxing, waning … until it all fades to black.

What is never uttered, though
is the duality of nature:
Charon’s channel is also Zeus’s reprieve.

Maxwell A. Kamlongera: "I'm an amateur writer from Malawi. I've got a few material that have appeared online, and I'm a writer that enjoys fiction and poetry while at times focusing on political matters that grab my attention and tug at my heart."

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