Volume Two, Issue 1

Alex Ewing


Pretty bird
Blackface eating
Sing to me
Your brown girl

Fly me over the heart
Of the Appalachian Mountains
Call to me
Who-it; you say
Nest with me
Stay with me
Let’s not run
From the chill

Protect me with
Your metallic song

Seed me your desire
Catcall me with your whistle

Let me lay you
Some of these
Brown eggs

Birth Announcement

“Young lady,
Black babies do not come from white storks!”
The class is staring at the girl in disbelief

They was told the same story
about the myths of storks-dropping
off a perfect baby in a perfect bonnet to
A perfect mommy

The regal white creatures, with long
Legs and long beaks, carrying a picnic
Basket through the sky
Dropping miracles on door steps

All the children eyes ablaze
with amazement as the teacher
told the story

Everyone wanted to be
The present baby
Dropped at the doorstep
On Christmas morning as
The family awaits with
Presents and hot chocolate

“Except black babies, right?”
The boy sitting next to the
Girl said it first
“Storks do not drop off
Black babies do they?”

Mrs. Tinsel looked directly
at the girl as she answered
“They most certainly do not Timmy,
They most certainly do not!”

Animal Lover

What am I supposed to do?
Beat on my chest like a Gorilla
Let you look up my shirt?
fondle these coconut breasts
Bull me until my milk comes in
Splash it between my animal thighs

You want me to slither my tongue in
And out of your troubles
Be your Jungle je ne sais quoi
Your African bush

I’ll let you eat my elephant ears
If you, meet me at the water hole
Feed me there
Fuck me there
Make me earn the right to
Breathe through these rhinosaurus
Take me to the cave under the brush
Lick the wounds off my paws
Caress my fur; warm yourself

What exactly do you want me to say?
Hoot for you while you beat your chest
Sing a melodious black face song
Make tick-tock clock noises
Coochie-coochie coo black baby doo

Who shall I be?
A panther’s yellow eyes
Between jet black skin
A black bear’s summer coat
The rocks underneath the water
Black, cold and wet

Should I be Asia, Africa, Amazon?
Should I be black, big and soft?
Hard, black and long?
Don’t call me a Jaguar when
I’m a Leopard- we do not all
Look alike

Tell me what you want
My black mamba all over
Your salsa tango, singing a
Venomous, stinging melody
You want some of this powerful
Caiman jaw?

Go ahead, say it…
You can tell me all of

But, don’t tell me
Meet you by the water after dark
Sing a silent song
Change your spots-become a

Do not rub my cocoa fur during
The winter and shun me in the
Do not chase me away then
Hunt for me, and
Tell me you are sorry
Remind me how much
You love animals

Alex Ewing: "I am a graduate of Howard University. My poems have appeared in Juked, Star 82 Review, Poetry Superhighway, Dying Dahlia and the Laughing Dog. She currently lives in Central Ohio."

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