Volume Two, Issue 1

Adam Que


sanctioned were the couple’s affections
like a mass blocking main arteries
there was no way around this border
it stopped them from even
having a twinkle at each other
no longer was an acted out love note acceptable in public
a simple kiss was punishable
clamps were even put upon a platonic gesture of friendship
it’s said that two otters hold each other’s hand while sleeping
to prevent them from drifting away from each other
this was impossible in the couple’s reality
instead the butt of a rifle broke away their grip
instead there was only caught wind with an unsettled hush
separate — the couple thought about how it used to be
they could have thunk up all of the passionate times together
but instead they thought:
“how as humans we have always put ourselves in this touch isolation”


a needle that can't find the record
the turntable eroded
the conversation retired…no…snuffed out
traced out like white chalk lines
around a murderous concubine
any reason for a pissed on rhyme
no cent for the pauper who
wants to overthrow the Kings
the kingdom of the exiled
of the harassed
of the stolen
a kingdom of disparity
a kingdom that crowns
the comment section
instead of the doer of deeds
a kingdom that caters to the royal
instead of the shirtless
a kingdom that lets the babylon
be an exploiting military
because to many it's a badge of dishonor
instead of a shield of respect
but what if this same kingdom said
you must stand naked in
front of each other
only communicating with
the words they rested.in.peace
the art they excommunicated
and with the profuse of gifts we
already are here with?

Adam Que: "I am a writer from New Jersey. I have competed as an amateur mixed martial artist. After I stopped competing and working to be a professional fighter, I instead started to share my writing. My work has appeared in The New Engagement, Straylight Literary Magazine, Slink Chunk Press, The Machinery, The Write Launch and Here Comes Everyone."

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