Volume One, Issue 3

Monica Noelle Simon


scientists say
if two galaxies collide
the fear would be
stars crashing
planets exploding

but more than likely,
due to the ever expanding fabric of the universe
and the slowness of time
the stars would merely just
make way for one another

my mistake was always in the approach
it took me a long time to notice
people as they are:
your body housing billions of atoms
like galaxies holding stars
and if i were to understand you completely
as I’ve often wished to,
i'd have explored your entire galaxy
front to back, admired all your atoms
held them in my hands
experienced how they connect
firing messages like comets into your darkness
but what i failed to understand is
the impossibility of it all because

i am light years away
still exploring my own atoms
understanding my own galaxy
holding my own stars in my hands
and i get now
how if i force it
it's never good to collide
stars crashing
planets exploding

because one day, perhaps,
instead of all the crashing and exploding
giving the slowness of time
i will have expanded my horizons
and so will you
that together we'll merely make way for one another
in our own universe


they came wearing dirty work boots
and yellow florescent jackets
the eyes of the people standing by
more noticeable than the
neon hard hats and their faces,
their faces wearing heavy devastation
as they watch the trees carried away
one by one, they will talk about this
for years to come. the way the trunk
segmented the walking path like
a worm destined for two hooks,
slivered wood that could fit under the
nail of a giant and nothing smaller.
it amazed me that there were names
for these types of things, tillamook,
big burn, pioneer cabin, with small
fingers all pointing to tornadoes and
forest fires and snow fall, but on calm
days you could point your finger at any
human and guarantee they knew
at least one person who has cut down
a tree on purpose, their devastation left
hanging limp in the closet at home,
timber falling in the name of money,

tell me
what’s the proper name for a tragedy like that?

Monica Noelle Simon: "I am the creator of Poets of NEPA. My writing has been published on Elite Daily, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Burningwood Literary Journal, Commonline Journal, Poets of NEPA, and HelloGiggles. My work can be found at http://www.poetrybymnoelle.tumblr.com."

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