Volume One, Issue 3

from Sedentary Fathoms

Felino A. Soriano

|section thirty-two|


twirls in beautiful bodiless



              breathes into eyes in



                                                           the language of societal
             never heals|never

      needs to re/begin in

                                the plural of wounds’ never ending



|section thirty-three|

Shared shapes fool the fulcrum of the eyes’ noted sadness.

When eloping, distance never delves into an invitation to join.

Life, when becoming stilled, dies then twirls within memory, momentum.

The body is a broken symmetry, a silent bouquet of somber affirmations.

We insist on trilogies to hold our everyday values: parent/parent/child—
mobility/discovery/articulation of
everyday distraction—

                                          and because of noted dialogues with
                                          shifting degrees of time and inoculated
                                          ethics, esteem is built into spoken hearsay,
                                          halving of tomorrows and indelible frustration


|section thirty-four|

            When listening
                        hears how the body aches


      a positive sound of voice


                                                             , the hand

        naturally warm and shaped

to curl in custody of embraceable shapes—

    needn’t withstand __________ to obtain

 softened silence in what heals and rotates

                   among diameters of abbreviated



|section thirty-five|

 invites what the body
    explains with missing

  Warmth, internal,
  sews rhythm from
       threaded memory.

 Burn isn’t
contextual here: pain has already
     acclimated heal
  to the pulsing echo of
 hearing’s persuasion to
          indicate purposeful


|section thirty-six|

We’ve doors          hidden.  Ghosts
                                 relay unbroken
pastimes                unrelated to howls
                                 behind or within halls
designed to
persuade                movement exterior to
what breathes
                                 and swells into
whole and other   unbroken
renditions of          believable


Felino A. Soriano: "I was awarded the 2017 erbacce-prize for poetry. My writings appear in CHURN, BlazeVOX, 3:AM Magazine, The National Poetry Review, Small Po[r]tions, and elsewhere. My books of poetry include Vocal Apparitions: New & Selected Poems: 2012 – 2016 (2016), sparse anatomies of single antecedents (2015), Of isolated limning (2014), Pathos|particular invocation (2013), Of language|s| the rain speaks (2012), Intentions of Aligned Demarcations (2011), In Praise of Absolute Interpretation (2010), Construed Implications (2009), and Among the Interrogated (2008). My collaborative collection, Quintet Dialogues: translating introspection, which features visual art from David Allen Reed, is forthcoming from Howling Dog Press."

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