Volume One, Issue 3

catino's zuihitsu

denise bell

know  mother***er   catino jones zuihitsu

smiles   calm pills   instant serenity prayers
won't let me drown in my bleeding sky

i just read
my daughter is sick she's addicted treatment not jails is the answer....anonymous Staten Island mother

change is needed
vote vote
no can do
selling and taking  237 grams
had to do it
i didn't want to get sick
felonies makes me a peeping tom on this here democracy

me and the mexicans are cool
we both live in a place that want us to disappear
can't someone build us a wall
protect us from them

i wonder if darker skinned jesus would be their so called righteous delivery boy

my name is marybeth and i'm an addict (applause) I thank my higher power who I choose to call god for rehab and meetings.....

communion gown
redemption regained

today i got to be grateful
my S.S.I is coming
i have cable

2/catino jones

dear jamar, i'm gonna come home clean i'm studying for my g.e.d this time it will be different please ask momma frances to send money to my commissary account I need candy tampex  deodorant   luv you

my mother wasn't on the corner
on the stairs doing it
                                                           shut up don't make me kick yo ass

momma frances let me sleep
                                                           if  mommy were all that
                                                           she'd be home

what ever momma frances  i'm not going

illing is a natural thing if nothingness is all you have

where my meds
need to smile
father hold me
i'm powerless
help me
carry me
too many burdens
time for instant serenity prayer

fuck it
fuck it
fuck it

i'm blessed

denise bell: "I am a mature, published poet. I am a proud resident of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn."

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