Volume One, Issue 3

The Sculpture of Julius Amerigo

Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad

4070 B.E.A (Before the Eagle Ascendancy)
_____ Planet Terra Kheraba

Both our suns were in eclipse. The eyes of our gods frowned upon us.
On the Tree of Lesser Limbs the Hawks dishonored us.
My father a general once praised and shaped out of golden bust.
Now our lessers have mocked him into the words..... in gods they trust.
Below the banks of our bluest of Nile,
run shadowy, melodically, with innocents’ red and guile.
Our daily bread filled with breakfast and song of chorus,
bring eternal evening and wickedness spread upon us.
The Peacocks and their wise old wisdom are all ash to dead.
Terror is now our ruling government instead.
Sadly I didn't learn this from another.
Inbred with hatred I learned of this inside the belly of my mother.

Once out years went by and the Hawks taught us all that they knew.
Now a warrior race we were about to become the Achilles to their shoe.
Like our tormentors the Eagle had now murdered millions in the name of liberty and
justice for all. The adopted creed of salvation and might.
Entire civilizations became antiquitous stone long gone from memory and blinded from sight.
The Eagle was now Phoenixious and doom was his birthright.

Thus my father came to me proud with stars on his cape.
He tried to explain to me my destiny, but goblins inside this garment yelled thunderously sounds of escape.
Infected with the upbringing of my race I scorned their wretched sounds of hellish symphony.
I tore open my chest plate to show no heart, no sympathy.
I grinned and boasted an emperor's laugh, but to a battled hardened father that wasn't enough…..not even half.
It was time for me to earn my Golden Beak and take position of conquest by his side.
Yet, I was no Lord of Perdition like him. This I could not hide.
Displeased in me I saw the scale of ego tip in disgrace.
I his shameful son the mirror to his face.
To prove my worth I ask for time and no less.
At my potter's wheel I sat down to do what I was best.
An Eagle's age is timeless and blessed from the nest of Styx.
By the time I completed my sculpture the year read 1776.
My father now old and wrinkled had achieved Uncle the highest honor
of death.
Carrying a dragonous beard simply meant very few lives if any were left.
With a cloud of filth pouring from his beak.
He demanded upon looking at my creation that I speak.
Ha! The once strong broad shouldered Eagle looked to that of an insomnia plagued vulture.
It angered me that he did not see the importance of my sculpture.
As he rested his cane I humbled myself and began to explain.
Through a vision I had, I told to my father, this creation of mine on many worlds will bring
bloodshed and systematic slaughter.
A crown of death suited for a daughter.
The tentacle arm portals omens from its end-to scorch the sky.
How befitting a symbol of destiny when the end is nigh.
Behold father! I have adorned the torso with linen from the Sarcophagus of Iobia.
Beneath it a communion of parasites that chant songs of bondage-the holy mass of its phobia.
Do you see the chains of prosperity it boasts around its feet twenty score and eight?
For the pedestal of which it stands will recognize only one god and that’s hate.
Your eyes say you are pleased, but your words are of our captors that I do not speak.
Am I finally worthy of the Golden Beak?
Oh father Great Julius III. Your ways have always scolded me and I am almost afraid to look.
Yet, I must ask what is that you have written on the statue’s book?

Julius Amerigo IV MDCCLXXVI.

Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad: "I was born, raised and currently reside in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I am an author and college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Norfolk State University. My passion for writing began in high school where I was always into doing research for various subjects and reporting what I found. I write erotica, poetry, speculative, and historical fiction. My work has appeared in Zane Chocolate Flava 3 Z-Rated (2012), Corset Magazine (Man vs Machine: The Sex Toy Issue) (2013), The Horror Zine (Spring – 2014), Fiction Terrifica (2014), JWK Publications (Terror Train Anthology – 2014), Jack of No Trades Productions (Nothing’s Sacred Volume 2) (2014), Poetry & Prose Magazine: National Poetry Month (April 2015), Poetry & Prose Magazine: Fairy Tales and Fantasies! (May 2015), and J Parle’ Literary Magazine 4th Quarter: 2015 Edition, J Parle’ Literary Magazine Issue 1 2016, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 3 Cream Pie Freaks (March – 2017), Schreyer Ink Publishing (June – 2017), Speculative 66 (June – 2017), Infernal Ink Magazine: Devilishly Erotic Horror (July – 2017), and Weirdbook Magazine Issue #37 (November – 2017). My wife and I have three beautiful children. Please feel free to visit my websites: http://bakarimuhammad.com."

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